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The Colorful Cottages Project on Timeless Daufuskie

"Island Life"...when you hear those two words, do you think of an HGTV show that strives to show how island life is attainable? Since visiting Daufuskie, I think of this island that seems to have almost stood still. I now know why the slogan "Daufuskie is different" is so accurate. There are some places in this world that simply have a magical effect. With a rich, colorful history, Daufuskie Island is certainly one of those rare places. It is an island in every sense and a very unique one at that. A place that evokes an inner sense of calm that comes with a slower pace of life enjoyed on Daufuskie.

Daufuskie Island

White Dog Home is "working" (I use that term loosely because this doesn't feel like work) on an interior decor plan for six cottages being renovated in the Melrose Beach Club and Resort. There is a two-bedroom cottage and the remaining five have five bedrooms. That's right...five bedrooms!

The ideas are flowing and the interior selections are beginning to take shape. I don't know where the creativity will lead, but it will be colorful, feel cozy and reflect a coastal vibe and hopefully be timeless...just like Daufuskie.

The owners of the cottages have deep roots in Daufuskie with many wonderful family memories made over many years of visiting the island. The Daufuskie Cottages will be a retreat where anyone visiting or staying long term can make memorable moments and traditions with family and friends year after year.

Follow the White Dog Home Blog as I do my best to share the progress on the project. Also if you stay tuned in to the blog, you'll learn more about Daufuskie and how to be one of the first to vacation in one of these beautifully decorated and comfortable rental cottages!

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