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The Big Install - Day 1 of Design Week on Daufuskie Island

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Fast forward six months from announcing that White Dog Home was styling the interiors of six rental cottages on Daufuskie Island to actually installing the first three! Time flies when you are immersed in doing what you love.

Here we are ready to make it happen. The next step revolves around getting all the design selections over to the island.... remember this is a "true" island with out a bridge. Everything must be ferried this case...Barged over! There's a time line to drop off moving trucks, there's a barge schedule to take the trucks to the island and bring the trucks back to the mainland....and there's a design team ready to install everything that gets unloaded. There are a few moving parts to this unique install.

We've been looking forward to this day and our teams are ready to go! First team up, was the proficient onsite-project team who scheduled the transportation and reserved the barge. Next up, this smiling, friendly, and very dedicated moving team (PackMan).

The team of movers arrived at the White Dog Showroom March 1 in Gainesville, GA ready to do what they do best! Pack and Move. Pack and Move We pointed they packed! It was a beautiful thing!!

White Dog had merchandise stored in three locations because it took 3 locations! Merchandise including 37 pieces of brand new mattresses/boxsprings, umpteen boxes of towels, pillows, bedding, art, dishes, silverware, decor accessories and of course sofas, chairs and more stacked to the ceiling.

This is the part I love...seeing the team work and having it all come together with lots of energy, and positive excitement. We started out with plenty of room in moving truck number one. By the end of the day, we (meaning Packman movers) had a total of three moving trucks loaded to the max. It takes talent to pack efficiently. As you can see in the last picture, each truck was professional packed from front to back/floor to ceiling.

These three trucks rolled on to Hilton Head Island today right on schedule. Tomorrow morning they will be barged over to the island to begin the unloading process. These cottages are destined to be a labor of fun!

More updates and pictures forthcoming.

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