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Home Office Makeover

When my husband retired, I inherited the upstairs office with a gorgeous view of Lake Lanier. When he was using the office, I painted it to suit him. Now, it's my turn to restyle it just for me! Since I consider painting therapeutic, I am excited to create a space to get creative, be inspired and feel happy during the time spent in this room. Which is a whole lotta!

The style starts with inspiration! This CR Laine chair has always been one of my favorite chairs in my house. I love the color, the comfort and the overall FUN of this chair. It was in the room I created for my mom when she was alive. I can still see her sitting in it, smiling and petting THE White Dog....Rudy.

Next up, the fabric. Hmmm....I'm thinking I snagged this gorgeous fabric about 2.5 years ago. One of those fabulous FB Marketplace finds. Several ideas have been tossed around....duvet cover, lumbar pillow, and window treatments. The winner is window treatments in my restyled office. All in all, this fabric led to the next selection...paint color.

I am just getting started painting. Well, as soon as my husband gets home with the paint tray liners, I will start. The room gets a ton of natural light so I felt good about going dark on the walls. A moody hue that would complement the colors in the fabric I love so much.

Want to know what color I chose? Stay tuned!

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